Hardy County Commission

Hardy County, West Virginia

Created from Hampshire County in 1786 and named for Samuel Hardy, a distinguished Virginian.

Lost River State Park and part of the George Washington National Forest are located in this county.

Near Wardensville, Lost River disappears under Sandy Ridge and reappears over four miles away as the headwaters of the Cacapon river.

Leading industries and chief agricultural products: Lumber, cabinet manufacturing; hay and grain; livestock; dairying, poultry production and poultry processing.

~West Virginia Blue Book


Commissioner Biographical Information

William E. Keplinger, Jr.

  • 204 Washington Street Room 111
  • Moorefield, WV 26836
  • Office: (304) 530-0284
  • Home: (304) 434-2779

J.R. serves as a member to the following boards: County Planning Commission, County Parks and Recreation, Farmland Preservation Board, Hardy County Ambulance Authority. Other appointments: WV Resources Adivisory Committee- appointed, WV Counties Risk Pool Board- elected, and County Commission Association Board of Directors- elected. 


Harold K. Michael

  • 204 Washington Street Room 111
  • Moorefield, WV 26836
  • Office: (304) 530-0284
  • Home: (304) 530-2121

Harold serves as a member to the following boards: Work Force Investment Board, Child Care Board, Hardy County Rural Development Board, Moorefield Hardy County Regional Wastewater Authority, Day Report Center, and Eastern WV Community Action Board.


 J. Michael Teets

  • 204 Washington Street Room 111
  • Moorefield, WV 26836
  • Office: (304) 530-0284
  • Home: (304) 897-5415

Mike serves as a member to the following boards:
Board of Education CEFP, Region 8 Board, Region 8 Solid Waste Authority, 911 Advisory Board, and Local Emergency Planning Committee.




RESIDENCE: In open magisterial district

The county commission is the governing body of a county. Fifty-four counties elect three-member commissions while Jefferson County has a five-member commission. Commissioners serve in part-time positions with salaries ranging from $22,176 - 41,395.

The Constitution provides certain powers to the county commission, but these powers are limited to "the manner prescribed by law." This means that the county commissions’ powers must be expressly conferred by the Constitution or by acts of the Legislature. With respect to the powers of a county commission, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has stated that "a county court (now county commission) possesses only such powers as are expressly conferred upon it by constitutional or statutory provisions, together with such powers as are reasonably and necessarily implied in the full and proper exercise of powers expressly conferred upon it." The West Virginia Constitution, Section 11, Article 9, specifically grants the following powers and duties to county commissions:

1. The custody, through their clerks, of all deeds and other papers presented for record in their counties, with responsibility for their preservation or disposal as may be prescribed by law.

2. The administration of the internal police and fiscal affairs of their counties, with authority to lay county levies, under regulations as may be prescribed by law.

3. Serve as the judge of the election, qualification and return of their own members, and of all county and district officers, subject to regulations as may be prescribed by law.

Other duties and responsibilities are specified in chapter 7 of the West Virginia Code, particularly in §7-1-3. These include

    • ~Preparation and adoption of budget for all county offices, except judicial

    • ~Jurisdiction in all matters of probate

    • ~Appoint guardians for minor children; receive court settlements generally

    • ~Own and maintain county property

    • ~Sit as Board of Canvassers

    • ~Lay and disburse county levies based on assessed property values

    • ~Sit as Board of Review and Equalization in February hear appeals on property values for assessment purposes

    • ~Appoint Fiduciary Commissioners to oversee and certain estates as required

    • ~Appoint members of certain county boards, authorities and public service districts

    • ~Adopt ordinances and orders in areas of jurisdiction as prescribed by law

    • ~Approve purchase orders and payment vouchers for elected county offices, except

County commissions are required by section 9, article 9 of the Constitution to hold four regular sessions (meetings) each. These meetings must be held at the courthouse. Special sessions may be held throughout the year if called by the president of the Commission with the concurrence of at least one other commissioner. The number of meetings held varies from county to county, with some commissions meeting once month and others several times a month.

Notice of all meetings must be given and meetings are public, as required by the open meetings law, West Virginia Code §6-9A-3. Executive, or private, sessions may be held as authorized by law. Two commissioners in attendance at a meeting establish a quorum. At the first session of each year, the commissioners choose one of their members to serve as president. 

  • - West Virginia Association of Counties
  • -West Virginia County Government Basics Handbook

Public Meetings

RegularSpecial / Emergency Public Meetings will be held: 


Tuesday January 5, 2016, Beginning at 9am Agenda 12/28/2015

Tuesday February 2, 2016, Beginning at 9am Agenda 1/28/16

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday April 5, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday May 3, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday June 7, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday July 5, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday August 2, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday September 6, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday October 4, 2016 Beginning at 9am

Tuesday November 1, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Tuesday December 6, 2016, Beginning at 9am

Board of Review and Equalization Meetings

January 29, 2016, Beginning at 11am No Appointments

February 2, 2016, Beginning at 11am

February 5, 2016, Beginning at 11am

February 10, 2016, Beginning at 11am

February 16, 2016, Beginning at 11am

Budget Meetings

Monday March 9, 2016 thru Friday March 27, 2016

(Exact dates and times for Budget Meetings will be posted at a later time)

Lay the Levy

Tuesday April 19, 2016, Beginning at 9am


The meetings are open to the public, if you would like to be placed on the agenda please contact the Hardy County Clerk at  (304) 530-0250.

A copy of the Hardy County Commission Minutes may be obtained by searching Hardy County Online Records. After entering Online Records, navigate by clicking on the county clerk's disclaimer.. enter Hardy County Commission in the last name blank.. select the Either radio button... remember to check the PDF box... then click on the blue ADV button... selecting P & F records in the drop down menu... then push the search button.. double click on the file to view. Sometimes the view file will convert to deeds, you may need to change the type of record back to P & F at the top of the view screen.

Upcoming Projects:

Currently, the historical portion of the courthouse is getting a new ADA stair entrance at the Grand Stairway of the Hardy County Courthouse. Funding 80% of the project is WV Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority Grant Program.

The County Clerk and Circuit Clerk are working towards protecting our historical documents through historical scanning and restoration of original books. Funding 90% of the project is the Records Management and Preservation Board Grant Program.

Office of Emergency Management is busy working on the new Hardy Hampshire Emergency Tower in Capon Springs. 100% funding of the project is the Public Service Commission Tower Assist Grant Program.


Updated 2/1/2016

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