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Emergency Ambulance Authority


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The Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority created by the Hardy County Commission is a 15 member Board of Directors created by WV Code  § 7-15 et seq. to provide Emergency Ambulance Service to Hardy County, West Virginia.

West Virginia Code § 7-15



Q: Who will benefit from the fee? All of the EMS agencies in Hardy County will benefit from the fee.  The funds from the fee will be used to provide paid ALS (Advanced Life Support) staffing that will be available to all licensed EMS agencies in Hardy County.  However, most of all, the citizens of Hardy County will benefit from the fee.  All EMS agencies in Hardy County are in short supply of trained Paramedics due to an overall decrease in volunteer membership and the amount of time and financial commitment required to become a Certified Paramedic.  Paramedics are certified to provide ALS Care, which includes: IV fluids, IV medications, EKG monitoring, and advanced airway management.  ALS care is vital to the management of many serious medical conditions such as: Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cardiac Arrythmias, Diabetic Emergencies, Serious Hemorhages, Allergic Reactions, ect.  When a volunteer company fails to respond on an emergency call, the majority of the time the reason is a lack of EMT or Paramedic.  Having paid Paramedic's available will increase the abilities of the current EMS agencies to provide the appropriate level of care to the citizens of Hardy County.  The HCEAA also plans to offer other forms of support to the EMS agencies of Hardy County in the future.

 Q: Why did the Hardy County Commission purchase the building in Baker? Baker is an excellent central location for Hardy County.  Baker is 16 miles from Moorefield, 14 miles from Mathias, and 9 miles from Wardensville.  A Paramedic in Baker is able to respond to all of the major areas of Hardy County in a reasonable amount of time, thus making it an ideal location for an EMS Station.  The former Mathias-Baker building is already equipped to be a fully functioning EMS Station, capable of housing multiple EMS vehicles as well as personnel.  It is also capable of serving as a training facility.  All things that the current Mathias-Baker Volunteer Fire Company Berg Station is not equipped to provide.  The building has also served many other purposes to the community such as: fundraisers, banquets, blood drives, community health and fitness programs, which we hope to continue to provide these opportunities to the public.  The building will also serve as a future voting site.  The building is currently owned by the Hardy County Commission and leased to the Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority.

Q. Do Authority Board Members get paid? Ambulance Authority Board of Directors get paid a maximum of $20 a meeting which is set by the WV Code.

Q. Why are folks receiving multiple bills? The Special Emergency Ambulance Service Fee is charge to each living unit. A living unit is defined by the Ordinance means any place of residence as classified by the records of the Hardy County Assessor including residential homes, vacation and secondary homes, mobile homes, apartment , and personal care facilities.

Q.  Who qualifies for an exoneration/ hardship? The Ambulance Authority's criteria are currently being defined. We will notify the public once approved.

Q. Is this fee legal? West Virginia Code § 7-15 et sq. covers information regarding the fee; in addition to the Attorney General's opinion.

Public Notice

Meet the Board

Emergency Ambulance Authority Board of Directors

The Ambulance Authority Board of Directors consists of people with a wide knowledge of finance, business management, and emergency services. Their primary concern is the expeditious and effective delivery of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the citizens of Hardy County. 

  • Greg Greenwalt, President
  • Ted Garrett, Vice President
  • , Secretary
  • Tim Ramsey, Treasurer
  • JR Keplinger, Comm. Repres.
  • George Crump
  • Andrew Funk
  • Craig Strawderman
  • Julian Hott, Jr.
  • Mary Fishel
  • Harry Shockey
  • Dr. Jerry Hahn
  • Ron Crites
  • David Pratt
  • Paul Lewis, Hardy Co OEM


HCEAA Bylaws


The Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm. The meetings are open to the public and are currently held at the Hardy County HazMat Building on Emergency Lane in Moorefield WV. You may contact 304.530.0255,  three business days prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda.



The Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority currently owns 2 Ambulances and a Chase Unit. One ambulance was fully funded and one partially with grant funds from the Rural HealthCare Authority. The Ambulances and Chase unit are currently in operation and providing EMS in Hardy County West Virginia. The Ambulance Authority currently leases a Rescue Squad Building in Baker West Virginia.

Special Emergency Ambulance Service Fee 




Updated 11/19/2014