Gregory L. Ely, County ClerkWelcome to

The Hardy County Clerk’s Office.

Gregory L. Ely, County Clerk

  • Phone: 304-530-0250
  • Fax: 304-530-0251
  • 204 Washington St. Rm 111
  • Moorefield WV 26836
                              Office Hours:                   9 am -- 4 pm  Monday thru Friday 
  • email: hdyclerk@court.state.wv.us

The Clerks Office is where documents are filed; Deed Books, Deed of Trust Books, Wills and associated estate documents, Plat’s, Liens, Release’s, County Commission Minutes, and several other documents. The Clerks Office is also responsible for the preparing & tracking of the County Budget, Probating Estates, Payroll, paying bills and also conducting Elections and Voter Registration.  There is a link below for some information on qualifying to do an Estate, they are in pdf.

You will find links to the Auditor, Secretary of State & WV Code below and also another interesting site, our online records link.  Your browser may have security settings that will not let you open it . Read the instructions under the DisclaimerClick the view image as pdf box. CLICK THE HELP BUTTON and read the info.  Also play around with the "adv" button, it lets you filter your search.
 Some documents are not available for viewing, particularly because of soc sec numbers, if you do find a ss# please let us know so we can redact it, we try and do this as soon as possible after the documents come in.(note: this link replaces online county records.com)

YOU CAN NOW VIEW DEED BOOKS BACK TO BOOK "A"  & DEED OF TRUSTS BACK TO BOOK 37 (NOTE: we do NOT re-scan documents after the inital recording scan)



     Go to the State links below for the Floodplain Tool, zoom into Hardy County and click the WV GISTC layer, it was created with the new LIDAR data.


Our online records search by name, is on a trial basis back to 1986, if you find any errors, please let us know.  Thanks.

Links / Forms:

GIS Site                                                           WVHDF- Disclosure Form

Hardy County Online Records                        Sales Listing Form  

Surveyor Books lookup                                (We need 4 copies with recording )

Land Books (tax books now back to 1945 )     TAX TICKET LOOKUP


Estate Help

Fillable Appraisement Form         

                    Information for Marriage License     


                    Elections:  GENERAL ELECTION DATE is Tuesday NOVEMBER 03, 2020  - Polls are open 6:30 am & close at 7:30 pm  Please bring a blue or black pen, a face covering and your id..

The last day to register to vote or make any changes is October 13th, 2020.   To register, change or check you registration, You can do it HERE

Changes or Registrations made after Oct. 13th, will be processed after the Election is complete.

AS of now... there are no provisions for receiving an absentee ballot application due to COVID-19, unless this changes you will have to meet one of the requirements on the application form. (see ABS Ballot App link below) 


Military & Overseas : Sept 18, 2020  thru  Oct 28, 2020   Federal Postcard APP

Other Eligible Voters: September 18, 2020 thru October 28, 2020  ABS Ballot App

VOTER ID information



 Deadline for returning your absentee ballot: (must be received in the County Clerks Office by these deadlines):

--> By Mail; the close of polls on election day

--> By mail without postmark; the day after the election

--> By mail postmarked by the US Postal Service by Election Day; the start of canvass (5th day after the election, excluding Sunday)

--> Hand-delivered; the day before the election, June 08th, 2020 (a person may deliver no more than two (2) absentee ballots)

If you registered online, we may need proof of your residence, being:

                                                                                                                                Copy of Driver’s License

                                                                                                                                Utility bill

                                                                                                                                Bank statement or Gov’t Document

                                                                                                                                       With your current address on it.

If you have any questions, please call the Hardy County Clerk’s Office, 304-530-0250

PRIMARY 2020 RESULTS LINKS:  Hardy County                                 STATE


                   State Sites:

** State Vitals Search Births, Deaths & Marriages

WV State Auditor's Office

WV Secretary of State Office

WV Code

WV Floodplain Tool


SEARCH TIPS for Online Records

in the Name field, just enter the LAST name, (some of the older data that was converted did not differentiate husbands and wives separately)

When you get your results, you can click on date or grantor or grantee to sort; just give it a minute to do it

Remember,  less is more results,  if it is spelled wrong on the document it is indexed as received;  ie… Ellifitz – Ellifritz  &  Eli  - Ely.  Use EL to pull eli and Ely among others,  ellif will pull ellifitz and ellifritz.

Brief overview of how to use the search system